Our brand

Let's be honest. Maintaining a top-tier brand can be complicated. But our brand guide makes it simple.

Use it to get to know our voice & tone, visual identity, & all the specific details that make us … us.

Our personality

This is how we appear to the outside world. How we speak. Look. And behave.

In everything we do and say, we are:

icon of a mountain


We do things differently.

We understand that "insurance-as-usual" can be painful. But we want to change the way people experience insurance. So we're upfront and transparent. We keep it real. We do things that might seem surprising from an insurance company. So our customers say: "I made the right choice." And feel empowered.

icon of a lighthouse


We know a lot about insurance.

We also know that we're an insurance company. And that most regular people don't know what we know. Or even want to. So we explain things simply. In plain English. We use relatable examples to break things down. Which leaves people feeling confident in our brand, our product, and, most importantly, their decisions. So our customers say: "I get it." And feel smart.

icon of three people


We get that people don't like insurance.

But we want to change that. So we're disarmingly self-aware. We combine our expertise with authenticity and wit to stay approachable. We use relatable examples. We show people that we're all in this together. So our customers say: "I like this company." And feel connected.

icon of a arrow on target


We tell the truth.

We don't BS our customers. Or anyone. We acknowledge what's painful about insurance, so we can try to make it better. We give customers the complete picture, helping them understand what they need to be fully protected. But we don't oversell. In the spirit of full transparency, we also let them know which coverages they might not need. So our customers say: "I trust you." And feel respected.